Welcome at the fraternity of Rodensteiner – the first address for couleur student tradition and true friendship, that lasts beyond the studies. On our website we would like to give you a first insight into our fraternity life on Limmat.

We give young students the opportunity to participate in and shape an inter-faculty community. We support each other in our studies and careers and form a strong network.

We contribute to the personal development of our members and give them the opportunity to deal with responsibility and duties. Thus we carry on the 200-year-old tradition of student fraternities in a modern sense.

Of course, a fraternity cannot only be explained with texts and pictures. Take the opportunity to get to know us personally in Zurich.


What does student life mean to you? Is it the anonymous appearance at a college and the silent taking of exams? Do you think about your life and the contact to other students after your graduation? Do you want to be more than just one in a thousand? Do you intend to make something of yourself and leave your personal mark on life?


We have answers to these questions.

What is the benefit of a membership in a fraternity?

- Friends you will also still meet after graduation

- Experiences and friendships, which you will never make as an ordinary student

- The opportunity to get to know students from other disciplines

- Contacts to students from your discipline in higher semesters who can help you with your studies

- Contacts to people from all disciplines, who are in professional life today

- Access to networks that can organise an internship for you

- Becoming part of a 200-year-old tradition


What are members of Rodensteiner doing?

- Fencing: We are a fraternity offering our members to learn fencing and cultivate student cut-fencing.

- Singing: We cultivate traditional student songs in polyphonic choral singing.

- Beer: At pubs we drink according to old student custom and its rules.

- Everyday life: siehe See semester programme


We live the traditional student culture!


What is expected from me?

- Interest in the life in a fraternity

- A good attitude

- At first only the willingness to get to know us, but then also an active commitment.

- After a period of getting to know each other, we demand a fundamental decision: for or against entry into the academic life association.


Next events for prospects:

Rodensteiner semester programme

Restaurant Oberhof

Zürichbergstrasse 26, Zürich

(5 min from the university/ETH Centre)

Registration at: info@rodensteiner.org, on personal arrangement or simply come by to visit us!


Only five minutes walk from the University Centre the restaurant Oberhof is located, where we can be found during the semester according to our programme.

Restaurant Oberhof

Zürichbergstrasse 26

8032 Zürich

Tel. 044 262 32 32

(Attention: the postal address can be found via the menu item “Contact”)

On our fraternity castle Haselstein, which was built in 1273, the Rodensteiner flag is blowing all year!


Burg Haselstein

7432 Zillis


The active student members of the fraternity of Rodensteiner greet their fraternity brothers as well as their friends, guests and prospects cordially with their semester programme. Please consider this programme as a personal invitation to all events - with exclusion of general meetings.

Programme as PDF


Postal address:

Sängerschaft der Rodensteiner zu Zürich

8000 Zürich